Michael Kan
Michael Kan


What an incredible celebration the House Music Festival was last night, and a delight to be entertained by our talented students with families and friends watching on. The drive and enthusiasm our students possess, to achieve their highest potential is something we are very proud of.


Thank you to our wonderful House Music captains for their incredible leadership and to all the students and staff involved. With so many rehearsals before school, lunchtimes and after school, they really have gone above and beyond.  


Matthew Little, had the difficult job of compiling the results and nominating a winner for the night. He was very impressed with all the performances, as well as the standard and consistency of each section presented. However, there can only be one winner, and for 2024 it is Gilmore! 

I would particularly like to thank our guest Mr Matthew Little for adjudicating and Mr Andrew Albanis for overseeing this celebration of performances. 


Glimore will join the long tradition of winners on the House Music shields displayed in the Music Centre at the McKinnon Road campus. 


On Thursday 14 March, McKinnon celebrated Pi Day with the annual Pi Reciting Competition, which involved students reciting as many decimal places of the irrational number Pi as they could. 


Many students competed and the results were impressive, with the highest number of places being 163! All students earned house points to go towards the 2024 House Cup, and the Year level champions will be receiving awards and prizes at the next General Assembly. 


Congratulations to all contenders. Please see theMaths article for more details on the winner.



Well done to our Year 7 and 9 students who have now undertaken the NAPLAN exams. These exams provide insightful data to identify areas for improvement. 


Thank you to Harriet Barrow and Peter Quinn who have ensured this process ran as smoothly as possible. Thank you also to all the teachers who supervised the classes to get them done. The results of the tests will be released to the school and to families in July.


Congratulations to all athletes involved as McKinnon Secondary ended the week as the Champion School! In summary the school entered 32 teams (4s) and 13 pairs. With silver medals in the (4s) Year 7 Girls, Year 8 Girls, Year 10 Boys and a gold medal in the Year 9 Boys pairs. See winners listed in the sports report. The weather was perfect and everyone had a wonderful time, especially the Year 7s experiencing beach volleyball for the very first time. 



I ask families to be mindful when using any form of social media. Using names and/or photos of students without consent is not acceptable.


There are legal implications around what people can post and share about others. The idea of privacy in the online world can be confusing, but essentially posting or sharing personal information about another person online requires consent. If you upload photos on social media of school events, be aware of who is in the background. Some parents and caregivers do not want themselves or their children on social media.


If you have any concerns, I encourage you to contact the school directly. It is the ongoing connection between the community and the school that ensures we uphold and continue our tradition of excellence and respect wherever possible.