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There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that regular reading can contribute to your overall mental and physical health. Losing yourself in a book provides the opportunity to de-stress and unwind but reading also keeps your mind sharp, increases your knowledge and world view, improves sleep and fosters empathy.


Here’s some suggestions on how to read more this year:

  • Start small - Set a daily goal in terms of pages or chapters or in terms of minutes set aside for reading.
  • Make reading part of your routine. Commit to reading when travelling or before bed.
  • Get comfy.
  • Partake in reading challenges. Good Reads has an annual reading challenge. 
  • Keep track of what you are reading. Create your bookshelf on Good Reads
  • Make a TBR (To be read list) and have your next book on stand-by.
  • Borrow reading time from something less important.
  • Ask friends, teachers and library staff for book recommendations.
  • Try a new genre.
  • Try What should I Read Next?
  • Search for book lists. (Must read books, best of a genre etc)


The following books were recently featured in our Book of the Week display: 


Snow globe by Soyoung Park

The Hunger Games meets Squid Game 

In a world of constant winter, only the citizens of the climate-controlled city of Snowglobe can escape the bitter cold - but this perfect society is hiding dark and dangerous secrets within its frozen heart. A groundbreaking Korean novel translated into English for the first time!


Spy Academy #1 : The Peak by Jack Heath

After thwarting a robbery, Nolan Hawker is invited to the world’s most dangerous school. At The Peak, he learns to crack codes, fly planes and deceive enemies so he can someday infiltrate the deadly anarchist group known as Swarm. But someone at the Peak secretly works for Swarm, and they have a plan - the kind no one walks away from. Can Nolan find the traitor before it’s too late? 


Janene Watson

Resource Centre Manager