The beginning of the year has seen the two classes of Year 11 Food Studies students well underway with Unit 1 Outcome 1 SACs. Students have been researching the ‘Origins of Foods and the development of food cultures’.


Students have been researching the different tribes of hunter gatherers that first lived a nomadic lifestyle in different regions of the world. They have been discovering the first settlements, the foods that were eaten and where the different origins of foods come from around the world.


Through this research they have learnt about ancient grains. Furthermore, safety and hygiene processes and procedures have been reviewed, as well as, developing an understanding of the cultural influences from around the world.


Moving forward, the Year 11 students will be looking into the impact of immigration in Australia and the Indigenous foods that impact our cuisine; students will be partaking in an exciting school incursion in Term 2 delivered by Natif Foods’, our Australian native food supplier.


Last week, students completed their first practical assessment creating a dish using ancient grains - Quinoa crumbed Chicken tenderloin with Freekeh and Tomato Salad served with tortillas. 

Christopher Mitzeliotis
Holly Lalor
Christopher Mitzeliotis
Holly Lalor

For all practical SACs, the students are assessed on safety and hygiene practices, organisation and time management skills. Their ability to follow recipes and protocols within the kitchen are an integral aspect. Food styling and presentation of their dish is a crucial element, as well as a detailed sensory analysis of the properties of the dish.


If you would like to enjoy the delicious benefits of ancient grains (fibre rich, high in protein, B-vitamins and zinc), check out the following recipe: Ancient grain salad with haloumi.pdf

 Mrs Rochelle Travitz

VCE Food Studies teacher