In the quest to become a more sustainable school, the KSC Enviro Group has begun a new recycling drive within the College to recycle ALL brands of used writing instruments.


If you have an EMPTY pen, marker, texta, highlighter, mechanical pencil or correction fluid tape and pot, please put them into the collection boxes in the KSC Staff room, Middle School, Senior School or Library. (Please make sure they are as empty as possible.) 


Once collected, the used writing instruments are cleaned and separated by material type. The fibres and plastics are recycled into raw formats that manufacturers use to make new products. 


Accepted materials:

Pens, felt tips, fountain pens and ink cartridges.

Highlighters, whiteboard markers and markers.

Mechanical pencils.

Correction tape and fluid pots.


Collection boxes are located in the KSC Staff Room, Senior School Office, Middle School Office and the Library.