KSC has been very lucky to receive some donations of books for our library.


We would like to thank Rhiannon Leach, a parent from KSC, who has generously donated around 20 brand new books for our enjoyment.  Most of the books are Graphic Novels which cover a wide range of topics including - Social, Human and Family Relations, LGBTQI, Dating, Friendship, Siblings,  Witches and Warlocks and much more.


Some of the new Graphic Novels pictured below.

We would also like to thank Rebecca Anthony and Amy Gallagher,  two of our staff,  who have donated books for our pleasure.


Rebecca has donated a mix of great books that her family enjoyed reading and Amy has donated a complete set of Enid Blyton's Famous Five books, a box set of Anh Do's Weirdo books, a complete set of Minecraft Zombie books, plus more.  We would like to thank them very much for their generous donations.


Below are a few of our new donated books plus some new books.


We have also had books donated by one of our students Emily Cochrane. Emily has donated a complete set of Ella Diaries plus other books that she has kept in excellent condition.  Thank you to Emily.


There are lots of other new books to have a look at in the library as well.


As it is Pride Month, we have a few of our inclusion books on display to help celebrate equality, respect and inclusion at KSC.  It has been great to see some students borrowing them.