From the Classroom

Biolab Excursion 

Last Friday Mrs Watt and Mrs Tuhan braved the cold early morning to take the Grade 5/6 students back to Geelong for their excursion to Biolab. We had a fantastic day of learning. Our first session was all about our hearts and how they transport oxygenated blood around the body. We explored the hypothesis, “Does exercise increase our heart rate?” After completing some tests and using some very fancy technology, we agreed that yes it does, and discussed why that is needed and important to the body. Our second session was in the lab, and we learnt all about the cells in our body, their size and what they are made of. We looked specifically at DNA, and did an experiment to extract DNA from a strawberry. We got to use some different equipment and chemicals that we wouldn’t have access to at school. It was a full on day of learning, but the most magnificent part was the feedback we received from the Biolab teachers, that our group were one of the most well behaved, engaged groups they have ever had. Well done! You made us very proud. Please enjoy these photos from our time in the lab. 

Art News

We had two surprise guest teachers in the art room this week! A huge thanks and congratulations to Lilly M and Arianna V for coming in and teaching the Grade 3/4 students how to make a dragon puppet. The girls were fantastic at breaking the steps down one by one, and giving clear instructions to the students. Everyone was successful in making the base during art class, and a huge thanks to the classroom teachers for providing extra time to finish them off back in class. Here are some photos of the Grade 3/4 students finished work 😊


Art Room Request

We are doing some paper mâché in the art room in term 3. We would love any donations of old newspapers laying around to help us with our creations. All donations please send to the art room Tuesday-Friday. Much appreciated!

Science News

With our Solids. Liquids and Gases unit of work coming to an end, we decided to do something a little different and make some butter from scratch! The Grade 5/6 students discovered where cream comes from, and then the Science behind what happens to cream when it is agitated (the fat molecules start to clump together, creating butter leaving a thin white milky substance behind, called buttermilk). We learnt a big lesson in persistence, to keep going and going and going, until finally we did it!