Cyber Safety

At St Marys we are an eSmart School and we encourage the safe use of technology at home. 


This term in the newsletter we’ve looked at Establishing Clear Usage Rules and the Importance of Educating Your Child about Online Safety. 

Last fortnight we looked at Encouraging Healthy Use Habits and Engaging in Co-Viewing and Co-Playing. 


This fortnight we are looking at the following:


Utilise Parent Control Software: consider utilising parent control software to enhance device safety at home. On school iPads we have access to Jamf Parent and Hapara on Chromebooks. These tools can allow you to filter and block inappropriate content, set time limits and usage schedules, monitor online activities and receive reports. 


Foster Open Communication: create an environment where your child feels comfortable discussing their online experiences, concerns, and questions. This will enable you to address issues that arise promptly, provide guidance and support in navigating the digital landscape and build trust and reinforce responsible device use at home. 


Next week I will share some information about AI and Social Media use. 


If you would like more information about this please feel free to contact Sam Richardson on