Learning and Teaching

As we continue to engage and excite our learners with rich learning experiences, teachers are gathering data through a variety of tools to gain the best ‘whole picture’ of their learners. During this time it is exciting and rewarding to see the learners' growth and sharing in their achievements. 

Year 2


On Wednesday 8th November, some of the Year 2 students visited Wharparilla Lodge as part of their Catholic Mission. Students created cards to give to the residents. They thoroughly enjoyed their visit and engaged in lovely conversations. The other Years 2 students will visit later in the term to sing Christmas Carols.  

We would like to invite you to our Parish Family Mass on Sunday 19th November at 9.30am.


Year 6

This term, Year 6 students are following the design process to generate, develop, communicate and document a new app for a targeted audience. 

Learners considered a need and proposed possible solutions to cater for this in the form of an app. 

Using Canva, learners have created a plan and a prototype of the app they will present to an audience. 

The creativity has been incredible and staff are loving seeing the learners using critical thinking skills when planning, designing and analysing their prototypes. 

Attached are some examples of the process.