From the Boarding Houses

A big warm welcome back to Term to all of our students, and a big thank you to all families for committing to their education in Melbourne and the MITS boarding program.

In Term one we filled our Senior Girls boarding house for the first time with 38 courageous young women returning to 371 Church Street, intent on continuing their studies and enjoyment of all the wonderful opportunities Melbourne has to offer. We also welcomed our Year 7 students to a new way of life at MITS in February, and it was wonderful to watch friendships blossom and routines establish at Lockington under the guidance of Emily and the Lockington boarding team.

Footy season is always a great time to return for the students, and we look forward to celebrating their successes within the Yarra Junior Football League at all year levels.  Basketball season also continues for interested students at Collingwood Allstars, coming off a summer season of success with a couple of Grand Final wins at the end of Term one!  Sports is such an important part of keeping our students healthy and to teach them the importance of committing to a team, challenging themselves to get fitter and stronger and enjoying the feeling of comradery and fun that goes with any team sport. 

Our Boarding teams have been very busy this past week planning out weekend boarding programs that continue to be varied and enticing for the students in each of our Houses.  Our students will have the good fortune to experience the best of what Melbourne has to offer this Autumn/Winter, starting with tickets to the Cirque Du Soleil performance of Luzia!  Dreamtime at the 'G will roll around before too long this Term, and our students will again be able to celebrate themselves, their families and their Culture on a national level with the support of the Richmond Football Club. Go Tigers!

Duty of Care continues to be a priority for all boarding staff, with Managers monitoring and training staff further to adhere to MITS expectations of regular and timely roll calls, wellbeing check-ins, active supervision of students and scaffolding student life skills acquisition in and around the boarding houses.

I hope to see you on the hill soon...

Lia Bartholomew

Head of Boarding and Wellbeing