Health & Wellbeing



Over the past 3 years the school has been very fortunate to access the paediatric services at Mooroopna Early Years Centre. Outlined below are the guidelines related to accessing this support.



  • The child is identified by the school due to possible emotional/behavioural disorder; developmental disorder; mental health issue; knowledge of previous trauma.
  • The school discusses the paediatric referral with the parent/carer and if in agreement requests the parent organise a referral from a GP to the paediatrician. This referral must be obtained through a general practitioner. Please make sure to obtain yearly referrals and not indefinite referrals.
  • The referral is sent/emailed to the medical receptionist (on site at Mooroopna PS) and an appointment time is organised.
  • If the medical receptionist has not heard from the relevant school, she will make contact to ensure the school is aware of the referral and the administrative cost.
  • IMPORTANTLY schools are asked to ensure that a teacher or school wellbeing representative attends these appointments. In the event of the patient and family not arriving for the appointment the Paediatrician will still meet with the teacher/wellbeing representative to discuss the student. If a patient does not arrive for their appointment and there is also no school representative to see the Paediatrician, the school will be invoiced $100 for a missed appointment.
  • The child may be referred for further assessments/therapy as appropriate. The follow up appointments for review are arranged at this time.
  • Copies of correspondence, following each consultation, are forwarded by the paediatrician to the parent, referring general practitioner and therapists/allied health as appropriate.