School Spotlight - 1/2B

Written by The APS Newsletter Team

What are your names?

Winifred and Maria


Why do you like coming to Albanvale Primary School?

Winifred: "I like coming to school because I get to play with my friends and I get to do gymnastics."


Maria: "I like playing with my friends."


What's your favourite subject at Albanvale and why?

Maria: "PE because I like the warmup game."


Winifred: "I like playing with my friends."


What do you like to do at recess and lunch?

Maria: "I like running away with my friends because we like playing tag."


Winifred: "I like to do gymnastics and play on the monkey bars."


Who is your favourite movie character / Youtuber?

Winifred: "My favourite character is Elsa because she uses her magic to make a palace."


Maria: "Pikachu because I like his colour."


What are some things you are learning about in your class at the moment?

Winifred: "We are learning about our school values and how to show them."


Maria: "We are synthesising in reading."


What are your hobbies outside of school? (like playing sports, dance clubs, reading books or playing video games)

Maria: "I like to play sports."


Winifred: "I like to do dancing because my brother comes with me and he makes me happy and excited."


What books do you like to read and why?

Winifred: "I like to read chapter books like Dragon Mountain, it makes me happy and it helps me learn."


Maria: "I like BFG (Big Friendly Gian) because it is a fun book."


Do you have a favourite song?

Winifred: "Let it Go because it has my favourite character in it."


Maria: "The Way Things Go."


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Winifred: "I want to be a police officer because it's more fun than being swimmer or something."


Maria: "Fire Fighter."


If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be?

Winifred: "Vietnam because I would like to learn more about more languages."


Maria: "New York."