Breakfast Club 2024

Thursday mornings - 8.30 am

Breakfast Club is back up and running in 2024!!

Breakfast Club runs every Thursday morning from 8.30 am in the Wellbeing Space and is open to all students across the school. 


With Term 1 almost completed, Breakfast Club has had a great turnout with many middle school students coming in for a warm toasty and juice with their friends to start off their Thursday. 

What has been a highlight this term is seeing so many of our Year 7 students come in and engage positively with their fellow peers as well as see the Wellbeing Space and I hope this has been a welcoming time for them this Term as they transitioned into high school.  


Breakfast Club can only happen when students drop by and so its pleasing to see so many students drop-in and feel a sense of connectedness to our great school. 


As Breakfast Club is for all students, I have to commend the level of respect that has been shown by the students not only to each other in the space,  but to the Wellbeing Staff as well – It is great to see and I thank the students for this. 

Every week the food is limited so if you want a bite to eat, get in quick!


I look forward to continuing to run the Breakfast Club for the remainder of the year and many thanks to the rest of the Wellbeing Team in supporting this endeavour every week!


See you at Breakfast Club!


Michael Barbas

Youth Counsellor