Year 9 Advance Surf Camp

Monday 26 February to Wednesday 28 February 2024

This year, the Advance class went on camp at Lorne, everyone had an amazing time and bonded as a class. On the first day, we arrived early to school to depart on our journey to the Lorne campground. When we arrived at the accommodation, we set up our tents and ate lunch, before getting into our surfing gear. Everyone caught lots of waves and improved heaps. On our way home, we made a small detour and visited the nostalgic ‘Round the Twist’ Lighthouse, where there were some incredible views and we took some beautiful photos. We then went back to the campsite and started to make dinner - everyone had trouble using the trangia for the first time but we all made it work.

After dinner we went for a stunning night hike, with people jumping out of bushes to get a few scares. We walked to the top of the hill overlooking the ocean where Mr Evans told us some scary ghost stories about his trip to New Orleans, making the dark walk home even more daunting . We returned to camp for the first sleep in the tents. 


On the second day, we drove down to Anglesea to take part in the initiative course where we were split into two groups and had to complete lots of different activities to try and beat the other team. By participating in the course we built our teamwork and communication skills, and found a new sense of resilience. After that we ventured down to the Anglesea shops where we bought some lunch and explored the area. We then went down to Point Roadknight  where we did sea kayaking. This was quite challenging for some but everyone had a go and made it to the main beach. Once we were at shore Mr Evans got us to do some run swim runs. After dinner, we went for a walk down to the local park where we played lots of games.


On the last morning, we woke up nice and early to go down to Lorne beach and do the run swim runs we earned over the days, Mr Evans decided to be nice, so we only had to do two. Although we were all eager to get home, we put in a great effort. We then rushed back and packed up camp so we could start our journey home, but first we just had to stop off at the Torquay outlets for some shopping and lunch. In the end the camp was a lot of fun and we made awesome memories and new friends. We would like to thank Kelly for coming to the camp and Mr Evans for organising it, it was truly an unforgettable experience.


Ava McIntosh and Rosa Childs

Year 9 Advance