Student of the Week Awards

Student of the Week Awards Term 3 Week 6

F TartagliaSpencer Key & Zarli Catto
F LagozzinoElijah Davis
Yr. 1/2 Borzillo/PetrieLouisa Cleak
Yr. 1/2 O'SullivanJude McIntrye & Henry Bowles
Yr. 1/2 NilbettGed Farrow
Yr. 3/4 CorboNoah McConnaughie & Lucas Worm
Yr. 3/4 ReidAshlee Kettles
Yr. 3/4 BrownNeveha Greenwood
Yr. 3/4 DundonRuby Draper
Yr. 5/6 CassettaSebastian Tartaglia
Yr. 5/6 CimeraEmerson Brady
Yr. 5/6 BasileNathan Aitken

Principal's Award Term 3 Week 6

Congratulations to Oliver Dainton on receiving the Principal’s Award Week 6. Oliver is kind, thoughtful and polite. His cheerful disposition and lovely sense of humour is appreciated by everyone around him. He is a wonderful role model who consistently displays our school expectations. He is organised and ready to learn. Oliver in inclusive and a good friend to others of others. Congratulations Oliver.

Student of the Week Awards Term 3 Week 7

F TartagliaNo award this week
F LagozzinoHudson Mutimer
Yr. 1/2 Borzillo/PetrieLennon Hooper
Yr. 1/2 O'SullivanRyan Fletcher
Yr. 1/2 NilbettAshleigh Stonham
Yr. 3/4 CorboBella O'Shannessy
Yr. 3/4 ReidEmily Worm
Yr. 3/4 BrownTommee Dunham & Anabella Cricelli
Yr. 3/4 DundonEvie Maskell, Paige Sanford & Khloe Reid
Yr. 5/6 CassettaMolly Forster
Yr. 5/6 CimeraAlexia Alampi
Yr. 5/6 BasileNo award this week

Principal's Award Term 3 Week 7

Congratulations to Logan Cook on receiving the Principal’s Award Week 7. Logan is thoughtful, caring, responsible and respectful all the times. He greets teachers with an enthusiastic Good Morning and uses his beautiful manners always. He is an enthusiastic participant in sports activities and always puts his best effort into learning new concepts. Logan has excellent school attendance and is a shining example of what it means to be a student at Sacred Heart. Congratulations Logan.