In our Garden

F/1 Mini Moss Gardens

This week our F/1 grades had great fun creating their own mini moss gardens.  Moss is an amazing plant because it is incredibly ancient - in fact, Palaeontologists (people who study fossils) say mosses were one of the first living things to colonise dry land after life began in the oceans.  They are surprisingly tough and can live in very barren environments, one of the reasons we often find them on rocks! 


Care for your moss garden by leaving it somewhere in part shade and giving it a regular sprinkle. 1/4 cup per day in a freely draining pot, a couple of tablespoons in a terrarium. Scroll right for a glimpse of some of F1's beautiful creations.

Here's F1 Q's lovely work too.

If they arrived home a bit jumbled, don't worry, you can always pick them up and replant them. 

Creative Cooking Continues

Grade 5/6's have continued their delicious dishes using both produce from the garden and their imagination.  More on that later.  Here are some of the ingredients we used this week.


The unusual green eggs are laid by our grey Aracana cross chicken.

Seedlings for Fathers Day


We have had a selection of sunflowers seedlings, herbs and strawberries for our Fathers Day special bags. Hopefully they made it home without spilling and you can enjoy some gardening this weekend !