General Information 

School Photo Day with MSP

Our school photo day is on Wednesday 1st May!  Photo packs will be coming home with the students this week! We have family packs in the office if you wish to have siblings together.  See further information below.



Reading - just 10 minutes each day makes a difference!

Classes R1, R5 & B2 - Nature Play

On Tuesday the 26th of March, R1, R5 and B2 were involved in a Nature Play fun day incursion. Nature Play SA set up some amazing activities for the children to engage in.

They included loose parts, potion making, painting and building cubbies.

All the children were excited and eager to participate in the activities provided.

After lunch, class teachers provided additional nature play activities for children to continue exploring, investigating and creating.

A fun day was had by all!




New smoke-free and vape-free laws came into operation on 1 March 2024.

How do the new laws apply to you at education and children’s services facilities?


Smoking and vaping are banned in all public areas of ‘early childhood services’ and ‘education and children’s services’ facilities, and within 10 metres of the boundary of these premises.  An ‘Education and children's services facility’ means premises where services of a kind to which the Education and Care Services National Law (South Australia) applies are provided; or premises occupied by a children's services centre, a Government preschool, a Government school or a non-Government school, all within the meaning of the Education and Children's Services Act 2019. 

The new laws require the establishment of a 10-metre smoke-free and vape-free area in all public areas from the boundary of early childhood services and education and children’s services facilities. This area does not extend into areas that are not open to, or used by the public, or a section of the public. For example, residential premises that share a boundary with, or are within 10 metres of the boundary of, children’s education centres, child-care centres and school land.


This information has been taken from the publication-SA Health-Clearing the air. A copy of the full publication is available at


Finance Matters


2024 Materials & Services Charge


The 2024 Materials and Services Charges (school fees) are due on the last day of Term 1, Friday 12th April.


Payments can be made at the school office or over the telephone. For families preferring to enter into a payment arrangement or for a direct payment into the school bank account, please contact Cathy at the school office on 8276 5366.


For the second year, South Australian families with children attending public schools will receive a $100 discount per student on their annual materials and services charge. You will not need to do anything to claim the discount as it will automatically be issued by the school.

The discount does not apply to school card families as they are not required to pay the materials and services charge.


If you are eligible for school card assistance you are able to complete your application online at:

*Please note: a new school card application is required at the start each year. 



Thank you


Cathy Wisdom

Business Manager