From the Deputy Principal

Jason Fay


NAPLAN week has arrived in The Advertiser! Unfortunately, NAPLAN results have created a sense that your child’s education can be broken down into a handful of numbers and percentage points. Your child and their education deserve to be discussed in much richer terms. Your child is a unique, intricate and complicated individual. To sum them up as a number or a percentage for the sake of comparison does not do anyone any justice. A conversation with your child’s teacher will give you a much better understanding of the complete picture and context of their NAPLAN results.

Performing Arts in Term 3: Concert

Later in the term our Performing Arts and Year 1-4 teachers will turn their attention to Concert. The format of concert this year will be the same as the last couple of years with a whole school video performance and then classes performing to parents separately in afternoons in Week 10. The outline for concert timing this year is:

  • Monday Week 9 (Sept 18): Whole school dress rehearsal, 
  • Wednesday Week 9  (Sept 20): Concert filming, and photos. 
  • Monday Week 10 (Sep 25): Year 1 afternoon performances 2-2.45pm 
  • Tuesday Week 10 (Sept 26): Year 2 afternoon performances 2-2.45pm 
  • Wednesday Week 10 (Sept 27): Year 3 afternoon performances 2-2.45pm 
  • Thursday Week 10 (Sept 28): Year 4 afternoon performances 2-2.50pm 


Friday September 29 is an optional attendance day for all children. Hopefully this gives you a little clarity about what lies ahead and the timing of your child’s involvement in Performing Arts this term.

School Drop Off

The school gates at the top of the driveway will now be kept open until 8.55am each morning. This is due to the amount of cars stopping in the Audrey Ave carpark after 8.45am with late children. There have been some near misses with children walking through the carpark unattended and cars blocking access to other vehicles. The most obvious way to address this problem is for children to arrive before the gates close when the bell goes. But in the meantime, extra staffing will be provided to create a safer environment. Children arriving late and being dropped in the driveway, will still need to collect a late slip from the front office.