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5/6C would like to share some learning insights from what we have been learning in class recently:

Prime Minister Project


While I was doing my research on Sir Robert Menzies, I found out that he was the longest serving Prime Minister for eighteen years and one hundred and sixty three days. It was interesting to research about his early life and I also found out that he was the Prime Minister during two World Wars but he ended up retiring in 1966.



When I was doing my homework on our Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese I didn't know that he lived in public housing when he was young. He is the 31st Prime Minister of Australia. I figured out he was 61 years old, not 63.



I learned about Edmund Barton for the Prime Minister project. It was interesting because he was the very first Prime Minister of Australia. He was Prime Minister for two years, 1901 to 1903. 


Caritas Project

I learned that there are a lot of people that are in need and in a difficult situation in their life. The person I learned about was Memory. I learned that Memory is a carpenter. I also learned that she is from Malawi in Africa.



For homework we had to research a person and I got Ronita. She was pregnant at the age of 16 and had to drop out of school. She now goes to a special school for adults.  She hopes to be a teacher in the future. She has two kids and a husband who works at a garage disposal 7 days a week.


Stretch Growth Mindset

In Stretch, I learned that you have these things inside your head that are called neurons. They are all over your body and they make signals in your brain to do things like click your fingers. We were also learning about the growth mindset.  We had to make a model brain to show how we can be positive.



In Stretch, we are learning about growth mindset and fixed mindset. We made a poster about things we could say to show a growth mindset. We are also learning about how the brain works, we made a brain hat and a diagram of neurons. We all now know to never give up and always try our best.


We are sure you will agree, 5/6C have been doing some amazing work!


Deb Patterson and Arch Cochrane



Walk to School Day

Walk to School Day is on Friday 10th May (which is Cross Country Training and Mothers Day Stall) so we will be Walking to School on a different day that week. I have emailed the police to see if they can walk with us again, however, I have not heard back from them at this stage. I will keep you posted as to the date but it will be either the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of that week.


Christine Thredgold

Learning and Diversity Leader