What we've been up to in our garden

What are we learning about:

  • Change of seasons. 
  • Autumn fruit and vegetables

What are we planting:

  • Yellow beans 
  • Potatoes

What is growing in our garden:

  • Tomatoes
  • Capsicums
  • beetroot

What are we cooking/eating/harvesting:

  • Banana cake
  • tomatoes and cucumber
  • tea/herbs

Last week's Garden Market

A big thank you to all the parents for your continued support of our garden program.  We really appreciate your purchasing our herbs/seeds/teas. The money we raised was used to buy ingredients for the banana cake we baked yesterday.


Making Banana Cake

All classes were involved in making our banana cake. They were mashing, beating, mixing the ingredients and the result was a delicious banana cake - two big slabs of it plus a gluten, dairy and egg free one. Students then ate it during shared lunch on the green. They loved it!

Have a restful Easter break.


Vesna Simic

Learning Support Officer