Day 1 of Foundation

Yesterday marked the first day of our Foundation students’ school life journey. It is always a pleasure to see them walking in with their new school uniform and big bags, looking very grown up and ready to tackle their next life adventure.


They settled quickly and happily into their new classrooms with their teachers. All smiles and excitement, the students were able to interact with each other and build upon some familiar friendships, as well as building new ones.


We had a busy and fun filled day filled with play, learning and school walks. The students visited different parts of our school to become familiar with their surroundings.


It was a joy to witness and be a part of this very special milestone for our Foundation families. We are very excited for what this year holds. We know it will be a memorable year for our little learners. We look forward to sharing many milestone moments with all our families. We have some family shots!

We are extremely proud of all our Foundation students and await the flourishing moments to come.


Foundation Teaching Team