Joel McDougall

Senior Sub School Manager

Year 11 into Year 12 Orientation

 Our year 11 students have shown dedication and resilience over the last couple of weeks with finishing their Unit 2 exams and beginning two weeks of commencement classes into Year 12.


They have adapted to representing the school as the leaders within the College, adjusted to their new timetables and have been eager to engage with the learning of their Year 12 Program. Students are encouraged to complete all set tasks over the holiday period so they can return to the 2023 school year organised and ready to get straight back into the classroom, setting up for a successful year.

Year 12 VCAA Exams

 The year 12 VCE students have finally finished all their exams.  Students will now wait for their results to be published on 11 December.


The Year 12 Graduation Evening will be held on Tuesday 21 November at GMHBA Stadium to celebrate the hard work and success of our Year 12 cohort.  All students and families are looking forward to the event with students and families dressed to impress for the wonderful evening.  Photos of the event will be made available to students and families in the days after the event.  Stay tuned to our next newsletter for a link to the photos.

Year 12 Camp 2024

 Year 12 Camp 2024 is fast approaching, and the majority of the cohort have completed consent via the online link on Compass.  This camp is a fantastic way for students to begin their Year 12 journey and to strengthen memories and friendships that will make their final year of schooling one to remember.  The camp covers study skills and will allow students to set some goals for their final year whilst being supported by their peers.  If students have any questions about camp, please contact Mrs Cropp in the Senior Sub School.