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The ACE Foundation was established by Chair, Dr Leon Shapero, in 2014.

The ACE Vision is to assist students of any age in the City of Casey who are experiencing significant challenges in their educational pursuits.


One of the ACE Foundation initiatives is to provide FREE eye testing and provision of FREE glasses for all public students with vision impairment in the City of Casey.

If you have a current Health Care Card, and feel your child may need assistance, please contact Tracey Logonder at Hampton Park Secondary College on 8795 9400 for further information.

ACE Foundation's Annual Fundraising Gala

On Saturday evening 24 staff attended the ACE Foundation’s Annual Fundraising Gala.

Funds raised on the evening will assist their ongoing work supporting many schools including HPSC.

We are grateful of Ace Foundation’s support of our College, also the support of our staff for such a worthy cause!


ACE Foundation’s incentives and programs include:

  • Yearly Encouragement Awards 
  • Free testing and provision of free glasses for all school students with vision impairment in the City of Casey (family Health Care Card required)
  • Free supervised study facilities available at Thompson Road Clinic with tutoring (Monday – Thursday 4:30pm to 6:30pm)
  • Provide a reading book to every prep student when they begin school
  • Replacement meals provided to Secondary Schools in the City of Casey for students who arrive at school without breakfast or a prepared lunch

Student Eyecare Program 2024

The school is pleased to announce that the Student Eyecare Program will be running at the school in Term 1, 2024.  An optometrist will be onsite during school hours to provide students with a free comprehensive eye examination that is covered through Medicare Australia. 1 in 6 students have eye conditions that go undetected. This is due to the high level of visual demand on their eyes from books, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Every student will receive a full report about their eye health and a prescription will be provided if glasses are required. The prescription can be taken to any optical store to get the glasses made. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Health pop-up on Mental Health

One of our year 11 students, Fawzia Nazari created these inspirational bookmarks which the health team were able to give to students at our latest Health Pop-up on caring for your mental health needs. 

Thanks Fawzia!


At lunchtime on Tuesday Oct 31 Kaye, Prue, and Chris from the Wellbeing Team held another successful Wellbeing Pop-up focusing on International Mental Health Month.  Our lunchtime wellbeing pop up activities are designed to give students an opportunity to informally engage with information about an identified issue or theme.  The team set-up in the Walton presentation space with information and displays about self-care and supports, community programs, bubbles and word-searches to promote Mindfulness, and more! Students were able to learn about the signs of mental health struggles, strategies to help manage these difficulties and where to access help. We also emphasised the role of healthy habits for wellbeing and the power of our self-talk. Over 130 students wrote messages of hope and kindness, to be displayed at the college - we loved seeing students pass positive messages on for others!

Thanks to all the students who got involved! Stay tuned for the next one!!


Kaye Walker (Health Promotion Nurse) + Prue Smith (Health Space Nurse)

 +  Chris Haddad (Wellbeing Counsellor)



In Victoria, sun protection is usually required

from mid-August to the end of April when the

UV reaches 3 and above. 


Parenting is a tough enough job without adding a life limiting or life impacting illness into the mix. Canteen presents the following session: 


Key Points covered:

  • Coping with grief and loss and common reactions 
  • Tips on supporting your children 
  • Living with loss including creating memories, rituals and continuing bonds 
  • Ways to access support from others


Helpful resources

Check out the following resources to help you in your parenting through illness journey: