Assistant Principal

Farewell to John Fawkner College

Dear Parents, Carers and Students


It is with a combination of sadness but enthusiasm I announce that I have accepted a new position as Campus Principal at Hume Central Secondary College. 


I have been the Assistant Principal here for 3 years and a Leading Teacher for 3. From my very first day, I was impressed by the responsiveness of this community, and the unwavering way that teachers provide opportunities for all students.


It has been a privilege to work here with such wonderful children, dedicated staff, and caring parents. In the time I have been here our community has fought hard for just opportunities and this year we celebrated the news of Government funding for a new build. Enrolments have grown and our achievements in VCE are the best they have been since my arrival, a 100% completion rate! It is especially pleasing to be part of such an incredible learning journey and cannot wait to hear all about the future successes at JFC. With a new build, a partnership with Melbourne Victory and growing learning success - JFC is making its way to being the number 1 school of choice in our region. I am truly humbled to know that I have been part of its journey, and know that the team led by Dr Lisa Vinnicombe will endure the greatest of accomplishments in the years to come! 


I will miss John Fawkner College as it is a great community and I have appreciated my time here. I wish every family all the best and hope that every child enrolled here continues to enjoy the exciting educational opportunities provided by this school. 








Maria Hristova