Principal's Welcome

Some of our girls who were guests at a Women's Leadership event

Celebration Night hosts Ms Bella & Marley (Yr 11)
Celebration Night hosts Ms Bella & Marley (Yr 11)

As the 2023 school year draws to a close it is amazing to reflect on the achievements of the MITS students, staff and community.


We had over 430 guests in the MCC Members Dining Room on Wednesday 6th December to celebrate the year, with Year 7, Year 8 and Year 12 students all recognised at different stages of the evening. Staff and volunteers who have provided 5 years of service to MITS were also acknowledged. 


Congratulations to the Year 7 Award winners from our Celebration evening:

  • Ricky Henda (KGI Leadership Award)
  • Greenisha Campbell (Boarding Excellence)
  • Allina McGuire (Academic Excellence)

We celebrated 16 students successfully graduating from our inaugural Year 8 program in 2023, with all anticipated to commence at Pathways Schools in 2024. 


Congratulations to the Year 8 Award Winners from our Celebration evening, including a newly created award named in the honour of Rick & Liz Tudor:

  • Desmond Morgan (Boarding Excellence)
  • Zaya Hood (Respect)
  • Nariyah Hood (Courage)
  • Peter Selems (Care)
  • Hoanna Grantham (Academic Excellence)
  • Jamelia Ashley (Rick & Liz Tudor Award for General Excellence)

The “Rick & Liz Tudor Award for General Excellence” will be presented each year to one MITS student from Year 7 – 12 who demonstrates the MITS values of Respect, Courage, Culture and Care, as well as striving for Boarding and Academic Excellence.


Below is a poem I read out during our Celebration evening reflecting on the year, and recognising all of our Year 7 and Year 8 students!


This year MITS opened an additional campus for Year 8 on Gleadell Street,

We welcomed some new teachers in our classrooms for the students to meet.

Please allow me a few minutes of your time,

With Year 7 and Year 8 students I will need to double my rhyme.


Jaemon is inquisitive and asks some great questions,

Often in the morning circle, Jacob has interesting suggestions.

Greenisha made the Yarra Magpies Junior football squad,

You will often find Tyler and Leo at Lockington playing COD.


At Mt Buller Dylena and Kanema tried their best on the snow board,

When at the top of the Giant Swing at Camp Manyung, Marcus pulled the cord.

Kicking the football and shooting hoops are two of Laelani’s habits,

While exploring in Canberra Jhye enjoyed chasing kangaroos and rabbits.


During the Dreamtime lunch Sophie and Derek were excellent hosts,

At the weekend Michael loves to kick a goal through the big posts.

Latia can be depended upon for morning shout outs and great conversations,

The dedication Shaylee has shown in her work has laid terrific foundations.


Tayha led the opposition in Parliament House with confidence and style,

Each morning Harmony greets all teachers and students with a lovely smile.

Satira moved like Spider Woman up the rock-climbing wall,

Sometimes I try to beat Houston at basketball.


In Term 4 Clancy was the best captain he could be,

We will miss Allina next year as she moves to Star of the Sea.

Shaylen joined us in Term 4 without any fear,

It was a delight to have Jodie in our class getting ready for next year.


Ricky loves basketball and rugby while being thoughtful and kind,

The next few lines will be about the exceptional Year 8’s combined.

Peter, Byron, Zaya, Munyari, Jack, Ryan, Malakai and Dwayne are our famous Yidaki boys,

The animal sounds and music they can produce are a magical noise.


It was a pleasure for my family to live in the Wellington Street House,

There were our sons Toby and Levi, and Sarah my amazing spouse.

We did it with assistance from many, especially Maddy, Kavaro and Noni,

The food we ate included lasagna, burritos, and pizza with pepperoni.


Jamelia, Amarah, Soraya and Angel were four of our Wellington Street daughters,

They enjoyed eating Yo-Chi and our SodaStream to fizz up their waters.

With their behaviour and work in class Nariyah and Jacquisha can set the benchmark,

During lunchtimes Des, Hoanna and Lily often enjoy a walk around Citizen’s Park.


Year 9 in some terrific Pathways Schools now waits for this inaugural Year 8 crew,

They have shared highlights and challenges and together they have come through.

It is my honour and privilege to be the Principal of this outstanding young mob,

All the best for the future, I am confident you will do a tremendous job!


We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable festive season and look forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students, and a total of 88 students into our boarding houses at the commencement of the 2024 school year.


Brad Carmody