Principal's Message

Welcome back, everyone! We hope the children all had a rejuvenating break because we certainly got back into the swing of things this week. There's been a whirlwind of activity already happening as we gear up for a terrific final term of 2023. 


"I Like to Move It" Day


Our last day of Term 3 was spent moving our bodies, our brains and our wits as we participated in the "I Like to Move It" day. 


We had an array of activities that everyone loved participating in. From the classic egg and spoon race to the creative "make words with your body" team challenge, it was an experience full of laughs and cooperation.


One highlight was the team sports trivia challenge. Teams tested their sports knowledge and teamwork in a friendly competition. It was surprising to discover how many sports enthusiasts we have among us. Not least of all, the teacher team who were given extra questions that were complex. 


We also participated in games like tunnel ball and bean bag toss that had us all moving and enjoying ourselves. The day ended with a highly imaginative challenge, "Spot the Sports". One of our parents took dressing up to a whole new level, showcasing various sports references from head to toe. It was like a real-life sports-themed scavenger hunt, which had the eagle-eyed students searching for all the sports they could see. 


We had our volunteers put on the special lunch for us as well which made the day even more remarkable. It was such a terrific day filled with outstanding teamwork from children of all ages. I mostly enjoyed seeing so many children express their gratitude to the organising volunteers, who went above and beyond to create a day that catered to everyone. Without their organisation, this day could not have happened. In addition, the staff really loved the opportunity to compete against the children. We think we did a very good job. 


Compass is Coming in 2024


As previously communicated, the school management system that we currently use, uEducateUs, will be replaced with Compass in 2024. The staff are undertaking training now in preparation for using it on the first day of next year. We will send out your login details closer to the end of Term 4. 


Year 2 - 6 Camp

This week, I had to share news of a change in camp dates due to unforeseen circumstances. We've rescheduled the Log Cabin Camp from October 25th-27th to October 18th-20th, moving it one week earlier. We understand this may impact your plans, and we apologise for any inconvenience. Despite the change, we're excited about the camp's enriching experiences and our engaging program. 


Flagpole Grant


I am thrilled to announce that a grant of $2,000 has been approved under the Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program for Bolinda Primary School. This grant is specifically earmarked for a special project - the installation of another flagpole at the front of our school and repairs to the current poles to get them in working order. We're very happy to have secured this funding for the flagpoles, which will undoubtedly add to the pride of Bolinda Primary School. 

Bunnings Project 


Over the break, our Bunnings Painting Project brought new colour to our school. About 20 enthusiastic Bunnings employees armed with buckets of vibrant paint and boxes of brushes attended the school during the holidays. But it wasn't just the Bunnings crew who made this project happen. Some of our own staff members jumped in to lend a hand on the day. 


The old front shed, our Indigenous edible garden fence and the cubby were all spruced up. The Junior classroom door got a splash of colour as well. There were donated plants that were added to the front of the school which will look fabulous in a couple of years. Bunnings also generously donated some pavers for our yarning circle, making it an even more inviting space for students and the community to gather.


The crew from Bunnings has promised to come back and help us put together a garden bed for the front of the school as we could not get to this on the day. There were also little paint jobs that we could not complete but we now have the paint to do it ourselves. 


We can't thank Bunnings enough for their dedication and generosity. Their commitment to our school project has left us feeling incredibly grateful for their support. It's amazing what a little paint and a lot of help can do! 


Security Camera System


At the end of Term 3, I communicated to the school community that we were having a CCTV system installed over the holidays. 


We made the decision to install a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system to ensure the safety and security of our school environment, as well as to fulfil our duty of care to students, staff, and visitors. Currently, we have six cameras strategically positioned within our school premises. These cameras oversee the playground areas, walkways and the front office entrance, ensuring that we maintain a vigilant eye on key areas. It's essential to note that these CCTV cameras fully comply with both legislative and Department of Education and Training (DET) requirements.


To further ensure transparency and awareness, we have placed signs at entrances, notifying anyone entering our school grounds that they are under surveillance. The installation of these cameras was carried out with the prior approval of DET and in conjunction with the Bolinda PS School Council.


Soccer Goals


We now have brand new soccer goals right at Bolinda Primary School. Thanks to the Sporting Schools Grant, we were able to bring this addition to our school. The children have already put them to excellent use, and it's great for them to be able to finally have something to aim at. 


RSL Award


John from the RSL dropped in recently to have a chat and share information about the Annual ANZAC Spirit Award. We have nomination forms at the office if you have someone in mind that you'd like to nominate.


Footy Boot Donations


A parent of our school is involved in a small initiative that collects pre-loved footy boots.

The parent is wondering if the school community has any old footy boots they would like to donate. If you do have any to spare, please feel free to leave them at the school, and we will pass them on. Your generosity and support would be greatly appreciated, and it's a wonderful way for us to help those in need.


Jordan Chamerski