St Brigid's News and Events

Learning Diversity

My name is Christine Thredgold and I am the new Learning Diversity and Wellbeing Leader. Thank you to the St Brigid community for making me feel very welcome. I have already met many of you and look forward to meeting everyone else throughout the year.  I would like to introduce the LETS Team.  LETS stands for Learning Enhancement Team. Miss Richards, Mrs Roberts and myself will be working together to assist different students with their learning. We will be helping students who need both intervention and extension. 





Last week our Wellbeing representatives for Semsenter 1 were announced. The students have already got lots of ideas on how to promote wellbeing at our school. We will be meeting on Mondays at 2:15.  




FRLuella N and Arian J
1/2 ABen C & Lisa V
2FSonny C & Harper D
3/4 HNora L &  Mason P
4DSarah W & Alfie C
5/6 CChristina H & Harry H
5/6 KLouise R &  Blake N

Family Life

Family Life has been working with vulnerable children, families and communities since 1970. At the core of their organisation is a vision to build capable communities, strong families and thriving children.


If you are interested in any of their Early Help Group Work go to, they offer a range of group programs. 


Christine Thredgold



Running Club

This week at running club 

laps run = 100

km run = 5.0km

Total Km = 350.8km 

We are on the Hume Fwy/National Hwy in New South Wales in Table Top. 


Running Club will be on Wednesday again next week.  We will revert back to our usual Tuesday mornings on the 5th of March.


Hannah Richards

Lego Lego Lego

Mrs Patterson would love to start a Lego collection for the STEM Room for some engineering tasks.  If you have any Lego that you don't use or would like to reduce your Lego collection, can you please bring it to the Office in a plastic bag and we promise it will be put to good use!  Many thanks in advance,

Mrs Patterson 

STEM Teacher

St Brigid's Little Learners Playgroup

We are pleased to announce that our Little Learners Playgroup is back for 2024.  All welcome.



Wanted - Boxes for Box Club

We would love some donations of boxes for our lunchtime box club.  Sigi would greatly appreciate any donations.

Kingston’s Gambling Policy Review 2024 - Community Feedback


Kingston City Council is currently renewing their Gambling Policy and are seeking community and stakeholder feedback. Your feedback will help them identify and articulate their current position on gambling, allowing them to continue their work in reducing gambling harm.


Please fill out the short 5-10 minute survey at this link - and share amongst your networks.


The consultation closes 15 March 2024.