House System 2024

We are excited to announce our new house system in 2024! 


In preparation for this new system we have held many meetings with student council and staff about what we want this to represent and decided collectively, we as a school want to strengthen our connection to indigenous culture and knowledge. Through this our aim is to strengthen our connection to indigenous culture and knowledge while also acknowledging all the amazing achievements and recognising the positive contributions we all make to our school.


After contacting the Wurundjeri Land council with our request, Aunty Doreen graciously gave us permission to use Woiwurrung animal names. The school community voted for the following names: 


- Bunjil: Eagle (Blue)

- Waa: Crow (Red)

- Muk Muk: Owl (Yellow)

- Gurrng-Gurrng: Kookaburra (Green)


We have also appointed three senior and two junior house captains. Congratulations once again to our captains for 2024:

Bunjil Muk Muk Gurrng-GurrngWaa


Anika Pollock

Liam Corbett

Zoe Hannaford


Henry Bush

Anna Mcleod

Iris Mullin



Allegra Rigoni 

Kalyca VI 

Sam Clemson


Iggy Gorman-Andrews

Nina Sexton

Sam Hudson 


Elliot Perry

Abbie Hutchins




Sam Wilson 

Freya Lightfoot


Charlotte Davis 

Hugh Mathews 



Ivy Calia 

Freya Lemieszek 

The captains have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the inaugural year. Amongst this was getting an indigenous artist to commission artwork to represent our houses. We are extremely grateful to Kyya from Djirringu Art who has taken on the task and delivered some outstanding pieces which we believe are a perfect representation of us.


Students will be able to earn points towards the house championship throughout the year. Points will be awarded through compass as students participate in school events, receive students awards, uphold our school values, contribute to the community and display exemplary behaviour. 


We have been working on sport tops, hats and beanies and are pleased to announce our hats are now available for pre order and will be ready just in time for our swimming carnival! 

Orders will close on January 10th 2024 so don’t miss out! 


Available here: or scan the QR code 


We look forward to sharing more with you all in 2024 !



Ben Gobbo

Sports Coordinator