Wilderness Week

22023 Year 9 students end of year program.

Glenelg River trip:

Sasha's report: The Glenelg River meanders from the Grampians through South-West Victoria and meets the sea at a sleepy little town called Nelson in the far bottom-left corner of the state. This year’s Wilderness Week included an expedition down the last 35km of this pristine river in open, 2-person canoes. We’ve run this trip at least ten times but never with a more perfect set of paddling days; sunny, warm and with very little wind. The 14 students were also of a sanguine disposition, meeting each challenge with fortitude and resilience. From the long paddle on the first afternoon that went into early evening, to setting up unfamiliar tents and cooking on temperamental Trangia stoves – students had a go, made mistakes and learned new skills every day. All our campsites are only accessible to canoes so we really felt the peace of the Wilderness soothing us to sleep each night.


Surf Camp at Anglesea



Cradle Mountain trips

Amber reports Cradle Mountain group 1 had a fantastic trip – Mr Wood brought the fantastic weather and we had sunshine and sweeping views from the top of Mt Ossa. A few (minor) possum dramas to keep things entertaining.  








Wilson's Promontory base camp

Wilson's Promontory hike:


We were blessed by the weather, which simply enhanced what is one of the most beautiful places in the world, Wilson's Prom. Our eleven students were well prepared, had an amazing attitude and worked through the challenges of the trip with incredible maturity, resilience and a sense of adventure. I could not be prouder of this entire group of students, who easily showed up the staff for energy levels, organisation and team-work.

Thanks to all the students for their efforts and fun, respectful attitude throughout the week. Thanks also to the parents for entrusting us with their kids and to Manisha, for her support, sense of humour and awesome effort in completing the hike for the first time.

Cheers, Bernie

Horseriding Camp

Twenty students and two teachers headed off up Mansfield way in December 2023 for the Wilderness Week horseriding camp. We quickly learned what to take on the rides, where we were going, and we slowly learned how to control the big and beautiful horses. Our first and last nights were in swags under the stars on a ridge overlooking the farm where we started and finished, and the two nights in between were at The Hideout, a camp in forest, right by the Howqua River. We had one very hot and exhausting day’s riding, a couple of great downpours of rain while we were at camp. and the rest of the time was just about right. We crossed the river a few times, looked down the terrible descent where the Man from Snowy River downhill ride was filmed, and gathered a few ideas about how to look after the horses. An excellent week, with great supervision and willing and cheerful participants.

The Hut, on the ridge behind the farm. Swags set out in the open.
The Hut, on the ridge behind the farm. Swags set out in the open.