The Primary School offers a rich and varied co-curricular program in support of the School’s Purpose and Concerns and formal curriculum. It allows for the development of new skills and provides opportunities for the development of individual interests, to enhance the PYP attitudes and to enable action to be taken by the children. It provides for the development of a balanced child and supports the wellbeing of each individual. Opportunities for involvement in sporting, music, service, enrichment and extension activities are provided both in school and outside school hours. These activities are opt in by students, supported by staff and families.


Co-Curricular Sport Training and Choices

A Winter Sports Program will be offered to children from Year 2 to Year 6. Soccer and Hockey are options offered to Years 2 to 6 and Netball for Years 3 to 6.


After school training sessions for Year 2 are not organised by the school but may be organised by the team coach.


In Years 3 to 6, training is held at our Bell Street fields. Students walk from school to training with staff and then must be collected by parents at 4.00pm.


Training dates will commence early in Term 2 and will continue through to the end of the roster.


Year 3-4 Thursday (3.15pm - 4.00pm) at Bell Street Oval

Year 5-6 Tuesday (3.15pm - 4.00pm) at Bell Street Oval

NB: Netball training is held at school


Other rosters and carnivals are as follows:




JSSATIS Cricket (Year 3-4)

Year 3-4 Boys Monday 19 February – Monday 8 April


JSSATIS Tennis (Year 5/6)

Year 5-6 Tuesday 20 February – Tuesday 9 April


JSSATIS Soccer (Year 2)

Year 2 Thursday 22 February – Thursday 4 April


JSSATIS Girls Soccer (Year 3-6)

Year 3-6 Girls Thursday 22 February – Thursday 4 April


Mini Swim Carnivals Held during PE lessons in Week 3


Primary School Swimming Carnival (JSSATIS selection carnival)

Year 5 and 6 Wednesday 21 February (9.15am-12.15pm)

Year 3 and 4 Thursday 22 February (9.15am-12.15pm)


JSSATIS Swimming Carnival (Selected students Year 3-6)

Monday 25 March 




JSSATIS Netball (Year 3-6) 

Year 3-4  Wednesday 8 May – Wednesday 26 June

Year 5-6  Thursday 9 May – Thursday 27 June


JSSATIS Boys Soccer (Year 3-6)

Year 3–6 Boys Tuesday 14 May – Tuesday 2 July


Hockey (Year 2-6)

Year 2–6  Saturday TBC


Primary School Cross Country

Year 3-6       Thursday 23 May


JSSATIS Cross Country (Selected students Year 3-6) 

Thursday 12 June


SYMMONS PLAINS Cross Country (Selected students Year 4-6)

Tuesday 28 June




JSSATIS Basketball (Year 3-6)

Year 3-6 Boys  Tuesday 30 July – Tuesday 17 September

Year 3-6 Girls Thursday 1 August – Thursday 19 September


Year 2 Basketball Skills Program

Year 2 TBC




JSSATIS Indoor Cricket (Year 5-6)

Boys  Monday 21 October – Monday 25 November


JSSATIS Girls Cricket (Year 3-6)

Year 3-6 Monday 28 October – Monday 25 November


Hockey (Year 3-6)

Year 5/6  Wednesday TBC

Year 3/4  Friday TBC


Primary School Athletics 

Year 3-6  Thursday 17 October


JSSATIS Athletics (Selected students Year 3-6)  

Thursday 7 November


K-2 Sports Day

Kinder-Year 2  Friday 29 November


Co-Curricular Music

A number of instrumental and vocal ensembles are available at Morris. Rehearsals for these ensembles start early in Term 1 and continue on a weekly basis until the end of Term 4.


Available Ensembles:

Year 5 Band - This beginner concert band is for Year 5 students who are interested in playing a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. Students commence band sessions in small instrumental groups as they start learning to play their instrument, forming a balanced concert band in Term 2.


We also offer a lunchtime Music Theory Group. This group is for students wishing to develop their music reading skills and their general knowledge of music.


Morris Band - This concert band is for students who play a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument and have at least a year’s experience playing their instrument.


Morris Minors Choir (Semester 2 only) - This is a fun singing group comprising of all students in Year 2, who will rehearse and perform a mini-musical to be performed in Term 4.


Morris Majors Choir – Years 3 and 4

Morris Maestros Choir – Years 5 and 6

These are non-auditioned choirs comprising of any students who wish to be involved. The choirs sing both unison and part-songs in a range of styles.


The choirs perform regularly at events including assemblies, and other School and community events. Every second year, the Morris Maestros join the Year 7/8 Choir to participate in the Festival of Voices’ “Tasmania Sings” event. The choirs often collaborate with groups visiting Tasmania from the mainland or overseas.


Morris Classical Guitar Ensemble - This group is for students interested in learning how to play classical guitar. Experience is not necessary, as our tutor will run lessons during the group time. Students who have their own guitars are encouraged to use them, however school instruments are available for students to use at no cost.


Year 3 - 6 Marimba Ensembles  - These groups play energetic and fun music on tuned percussion instruments. No experience is necessary as music and playing technique are taught from the first rehearsal. The Year 5 and 6 Marimba Ensembles join schools from around the Hobart area each year to participate in the spectacular “Marimba Mania” event.


Year 2 Strings - This group is for Year 2 students who are interested in beginning to play violin or cello. Students will receive group tuition from specialist teachers as they start learning to play their instrument, with group performance becoming a focus as skills and techniques are learnt.


Year 3 Strings - This group is for students who took part in the Year 2 string program and would like to continue playing through group lessons.


Morris String Ensemble - This ensemble is for students learning violin, viola, cello or double bass, who already have some skill on their instrument. Students who can proficiently read and play a D major scale and recognise simple rhythms are encouraged to join.


Morris Chamber Groups - These groups extend string players who are ready for an extra challenge. Memberships of these groups are small and may rotate throughout the year at the discretion of staff.


Co-Curricular Clubs - These are run throughout the year during break times and sometimes before and after school. These are established based on student interest.


Additional Information


Performances - These ensembles perform at various School functions, along with performances in the wider community. Participation in music ensembles is a fun, social activity. Once students have committed to an ensemble it is expected that they honour that commitment throughout the year by attending rehearsals and performances regularly and on time. Students should be present at rehearsal and ready to start at the listed time.


Performance Uniforms

Years 3 and 4: Striped top (long sleeved preferred), navy track pants, white socks and black shoes. Girls should wear blue or red hair accessories.


Years 5 and 6: Boys – grey trousers, blue shirt, navy jacket, grey socks and black shoes.

Girls – blue shirt, school skirt with navy tights or grey trousers and navy jacket with blue or red hair accessories .


Year 5-8 Musical

Every second year, music, drama and dance staff from across the School’s campuses collaborate with students in Years 5 to 8 to produce a high-quality musical. Students will experience the thrill of participating in a cast of 50+ students, performing to large audiences in an authentic theatre experience. Past musicals have included Seussical Jr., The Lion King Jr. and Shrek Jr.


Instrumental and Vocal Tuition

Optional individual instrumental and vocal tuition is offered from Year 3 onwards to support student participation in ensembles. These are provided on a user-pay basis by experienced, specialist tutors in the areas of woodwind, brass, string or percussion instruments as well as piano and voice. Applications for individual lessons are reviewed by the Head of Morris, classroom teachers and the Head of Instrumental and Vocal Tuition as students are placed with tutors and lesson times scheduled.


To apply for lessons, parents are asked to use the form which appears at the end of the Vocal and Instrumental Tuition Guidelines.


If you have any questions regarding Music in the Primary School, please contact the Primary School Office, a member of the Music Staff or Music Administration.