Religious Education



Monday 6th May at St John Vianney’s School - MPR @ 7.00pm - 8.00pm


As a part of the process for the First Eucharist program, there will be a family workshop presented by Fr. Elio Capra on Monday, 6th May from 7pm-8pm. 


We are inviting Parents along with the First Eucharist candidates to attend this workshop which will be held in the MPR and the Year 3/4 classroom. Parents will remain in the MPR where they will have a presentation by Fr Elio Capra. The candidates will be taken to the Year 3/4  classrooms by members of staff and will participate in activities based on the Sacrament of First Eucharist. The candidates will then be brought back to the hall at the conclusion of the evening (7.50pm).


This is an important step in the First Eucharist program so I encourage you to attend. Further details will be sent to you closer to the time.


Next Thursday 9th of May, we will be participating in a whole school mass in the Church at 9.15am. All parents and special friends are invited to attend.

Dates for 2024

First Eucharist: Sunday 2nd June at 9am

Confirmation: Sunday 4th August at 1pm

First Reconciliation: Wednesday 6th November at midday