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  Laura Heiberg

Term 2 Inquiry - Sustainability

Our Inquiry unit in Term Two is ‘Sustainability’. The children will learn how current human activity is negatively affecting the environment and depleting the world’s natural resources. They will learn how our world is changing and what will happen if we continue to live without action, including their own responsibilities to enact change. 


This is a great opportunity to have discussions at home about what you can be doing as a family to help protect our environment. Students can also share with you the things we do here at SJV that are positively impacting the world we live in. 


If your child shows a particular interest in learning more about sustainability please have a look at this website!




Consistency in  mathematical terminology both at home and in the classroom significantly enhances your child's comprehension and confidence in mathematics. Using the correct terms such as "2D shapes", "3D objects", "divide/share", "multiply/groups of" during everyday activities reinforces their understanding of these concepts learned in school. This alignment between home and school environments creates a cohesive learning experience, promoting a deeper understanding of mathematical principles and fostering a positive attitude towards mathematics.

Encouraging Reading @ Home

If you are wondering how to encourage your child to read more at home, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • let them choose the book to read
  • make reading a positive experience - lots of praise - don't focus on the mistakes
  • let children see you reading
  • create conversations based around the books you read with your child
  • ask questions when reading together and let the child ask you questions
  • take turns reading a page/paragraph
  • introduce different text formats: newspapers, magazines etc.

Teaching & Learning @ SJV

Our students are at the centre of our work and we are committed to implement and put into practice expert teaching across all classrooms, to educate 100% of our students 100% of the time ensuring quality learning and teaching programs reflect a comprehensive knowledge of the curriculum.



Laura Heiberg

Teaching & Learning Leader