From the Classroom

                                                  Meet our amazing ES Staff!


Many families will know our incredible Education Support staff at WPS: Cherise, Wendy, Penny, Cathy and Sharon, who each have an important role to play in our school community.  We asked some of our Year 6 students to introduce these wonderful ladies to you!



Cathy has been Logan’s best friend since Prep. She is always very understanding and patient with him. Not only is Cathy close with Logan, she is close with the whole school. 

Cathy started working at Warrandyte Primary School in 2004 – she’s been working here for 17 years! Cathy is always a huge help to both students and teachers. As well as working at WPS Cathy is a mum of two boys, Ryan, 25 and Connor, 24.  She was born in Ireland and has a very strong accent. Cathy is also a strong supporter of Essendon Footy Club.

We all very much enjoy having Cathy at our school!                                        Evie and Charlotte


Cathy is a good friend because she helps me out, asks me questions and gets me my favourite Quest books.

She is old and special!                                                                                                      Logan



Sharon Hayes is new to Warrandyte Primary School this year. She spent the last 11 years at Montmorency Primary School, another community school, working with children across all levels of the school. Sharon loves working at Warrandyte Primary.

Sharon was born in Hathersage, United Kingdom and first moved to Australia in 1996. Looking after Indi and Rueben, her two grandchildren, is where you will find Sharon each Tuesday. 

I love working with Sharon because she likes maths and listens to me.                            Jesse



Penny is one of our aides at Warrandyte Primary School, and was interviewed by Joe and Gemma.

Joe: What was your first job and did you enjoy it?

Penny: I started working at a record shop called Brashs when I was 15.

Gemma: What was your first school job?

Penny: It was at Warrandyte Primary School!

Joe: Why do you enjoy working at WPS?

Penny: Because no matter what mood I’m in, the kids always cheer me up and make me laugh.

Gemma: How did you hear about WPS?

Penny: My sister Anthea was working here. 

Thank you Penny for all you do for the students at our school!         



Cherise likes reading and watching television. What she watches is a mystery but she certainly goes for Collingwood so that gives us a clue about what she watches.

As she sits in her favourite restaurant, thinking about her 19-year-old daughter Grace, her cute cat Fluffy and her crazy dog Bonnie, she listens to the one and only band, Queen. She thinks about a lot of things really actually, such as the reason she has stayed at Warrandyte Primary School for 12 years. Which is, for your information, because of the wonderful community. As she thinks this, she fiddles with her purple top, (her favourite colour). Mmm here comes my roast lamb that looks like the one she got at the most wonderful place, Scotland. 

When you next see Cherise say thanks to her and all of the education support staff for helping at our school.                                                                                                       Josh and Reve 



Wendy is the school Business Manager, and has worked at Warrandyte Primary School for 11 years. Wendy enjoys the wonderful community and breathtaking environment, although she would sometimes like to be at home enjoying a good book or knitting a blanket!

Wendy is a kind lady, who is an extreme Collingwood fan! We thank her for all the hard work she does for WPS!                                                                                                                     Reve




            Cathy                              Sharon                      Penny                 Cherise                   Wendy

Illustrations by Taj Fuga