Kryal Castle

Mischa, Lexi, Zac, Bria, Olivia, Cody, Charlotte, Jazz & Hannah

Last Thursday, 23rd May, our Year 8 students visited Kryal Castle as part of their studies on Medieval Europe. The day was cool and clear, and everyone was excited as we pulled up outside the castle walls. Students drew a field sketch of the castle front before walking over the drawbridge and into a world of the past. Everyone was kept busy all day, moving from one activity to the next.


Students learnt about the world of nobles and had the opportunity to dress up as a king, queen and members of their court. They were informed about the arms and armour knights once used and were able to try on the various parts of knightly wear. They were told about the life of a noble, and then moved on to become an apothecary for a half hour. Students learnt about the world of a medieval chemist, and used a mortar and pestle to create a  pleasant-smelling herbal poultice of rosemary, lavender, lemon balm, fennel and clary sage.


After lunch the students swung into battle mode, participating vigorously in a spot of sword fighting (all very safe, parents) and archery, using the famous long bow. The staff at Kryal Castle were extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their subject matter and were also very complementary about the students’ respectful behaviour on the day.


Everyone – staff and students both – had a wonderful time at Kryal Castle.


Mrs. Hinton