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This term we have a new magazine subscription, Teen Breathe. This is a great read for girls and includes articles on; The Pros and Cons of Putting Things off till Later, It’s Good to Talk, and Stand up and be Counted. We still have the old favourites too; Street Machine, Australasian Dirtbike, Farm Machinery and Hyper. Everyone is welcome to read these magazines in the Library or they can borrow them to read later.

The daily newspapers are also available but cannot be taken from the Library.



Everyone is welcome to use the computers at recess and lunch. Students completing schoolwork will be given priority. If you have trouble completing your homework after school, then you are encouraged to come to the Library during your breaks. Please let me know if you need a quiet space or help.

Please remember to respect our library. It is an important space for all to enjoy.


Book Review




By Soman Chainani

“Appearances deceive, intentions revealed and love and friendship tested. All in the fictional world of Gavalon, the Endless Wood and The School for Good and Evil.”


The School for Good and Evil is about two friends who live very different lives that find themselves in a school that trains “Fairy Tale” Heroes and Villains. One of the girls is fair and good, the other is ugly and evil.  But it’s what is on the inside that makes a person who they are, not their looks.

Both the girls have to find this out the hard way. The two friends face hardships like going to the ’wrong’  school, jealousy, horrid classes meant for the other, a prince, competitions between the schools and much more. But in the end the Witch and the Princess remain friends.


By Holly