Write 4 Fun - Noah McLelland

Noah, a current Year 7 student, entered the  'Write 4 Fun' competition .  He made the finals with the story below.


The Unordinary Friend

Jack was an ordinary boy dong ordinary things like riding a bike, playing games and doing homework, until one day it all changed when he was walking home from school.  A car came flying from out of nowhere towards him and then out of the ordinary the car just froze right in front of his eyes.  Instead of running away, he walked towards it.  Then it just dropped and behind was a huge monster that was glaring at Jack.  The monster came towards him and tried to grab him but Jack was too fast and ran around the corner.  He nearly ran into Cam, his best friend for over 5 years.  He tried to explain to Cam why he was running so fast and that there was a monster chasing him so then Cam looked.   "There is no monster" he said.

"But I saw it.  It tried to grab me.  It wasn't my imagination, was it?" 

"Probably was.  Maybe you should go home for the rest of the night".  So that's what he did. Then Jack wondered, 'Why would he say that I should go home for the rest of the night if he said it was just in my head?  Maybe he knew something about it or maybe he is the monster.  Maybe it could be a suit I will just watch him.'

So that's what Jack did.  He snuck out and headed to Cam's house.  For some reason, Cam was walking around for no reason.  At that very moment he transformed into that ugly monster that Jack had seen earlier.  He went out and said "I know who you are Cam, you knew about the monster the whole time.  You are the monster!"  Jack grabbed his pocket knife,  opened it out to the sharpest blade and stabbed the monster right in the heart.  It dropped right in front of him.

The next day no one would believe Jack about Cam and the monster, so that was the story of my unordinary friend.


By Noah.

Eastyn Carr

On Saturday 18th May, Eastyn was in Roseberry, Tasmania for "The West Coast Golden Gloves Tournament".  Eastyn competed in the 44kg and Under Division and fought against Gerald O'Callaghan. Eastyn came away with a victory, winning all three rounds.  He also won "Junior Fighter of the Night".


Eastyn and 8 other fighters from "Rudy's Boxing Gym" will be heading to New Zealand at the end of July this year.  This 10 day trip is being sponsored by Boxing Federation of Australia, Eastyn will be competing in two fights whilst there.


Congratulations, Eastyn!