On Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of May, Ash Crowley and Zoe Wheeler had the amazing opportunity of travelling down to Melbourne to attend MUNA. It was held in Melbourne's Parliament House. We competed against other Melbourne schools, debating issues that we are facing around the world, such as lowering the working age and trade barriers and tariffs.


A few weeks prior to MUNA, each of the teams were assigned a country. Ours was one that was close to home…New Zealand. We were also given a list of resolutions that we would debate on, and had to conduct research on each one, finding out what our countries stance was on the topic and determining several points to support our arguments.


We were fortunate enough to be hosted by two lovely Rotarians, Gill and Joe, who lived close by to Parliament House. Even though we didn’t come away with the overall win, we did win the best costume award, which we were pretty stoked about. We were both a bit unsure and shy at the start of the weekend, however by the end we loved it and would recommend attending MUNA to anyone who is given the opportunity.


Ash Crowley and Zoe Wheeler