GRIP Leadership Conference

The 456s were outstanding representatives of our school. Here’s what some of the students had to say about it…


Grade 4/5/6s went on an excursion to GRIP (Generosity, Responsibility, Integrity, People) leadership on Friday the 13th of May. It was all about teaching kids from multiple schools how to be a leader. The main part was STEP (show what’s right, take initiative, exemplify values and purpose). We were also focusing on learning to give and take advice and make sure you be the best leader you can possibly be. We’re sure everyone from ALL the schools that came enjoyed it 😊 – Devrim


Loud Noises – When the 4/5/6s went to GRIP Leadership, us and other schools had fun sessions called loud noises. We were in teams with other schools, divided in half so there were two teams. In the loud noises sessions, two people from each side were chosen. We were lucky for some people from our school to be chosen. In one game, one of the players made a noise and the other had to guess what it was. The first team to guess right won! - Indi


During GRIP we had a lesson on truth. We watched three children and the host dressed as Albert Einstein (as the scientist teacher) put on a play. Albert gave the kids a seed to grow. In three months they were meant to bring back a flower but in the play we skipped the three months. They came back and two had flowers, one didn’t. “Lovely flowers, very pretty, but you two don’t win she does” said Albert, pointing to the girl with no flower. “This contest wasn’t about the flower but truth and I boiled the seeds so they would not grow and so you must have got them somewhere! So the girl without the flower wins the contest of truth!” That was our lesson on truth and integrity. – Beth