Religious Education and Social Justice

Returning Back to School!


One of the best ways we can prepare the children as they come back to school after the lockdown is by praying for them. Even though the children are returning to the familiarity of their learning community, their  friends and their teachers, some children may be feeling some stress and anxiety. Praying with your children and over them is one of the greatest tools we have to battle worries and fears. Look toward the next few weeks with hope and excitement to see how God will grow your child in faith and knowledge as they resettle into the routines of learning and playing back at school! 


Heavenly Father

For all the children returning to school send your Holy Spirit as their guide and protector.


Grant them peace to ease their fears and anxiety as they return to 

their learning communities.


Let them learn and  grow strong. 

May the presence of your Holy Spirit 

fill their hearts.


Help us as parents,

 caregivers and teachers

to guide our children at this time.

We entrust our children to you dear Lord.


In the name of the greatest Son of all, 

Jesus Christ.




May God bless us all and keep us safe.


Jane Wilkinson

Religious Education Leader