Class Page- 12W

It has been a busy start to Term 4 in 1/2W with all the students adapting back to onsite learning quickly and efficiently. Students have really enjoyed having the chance to socialise with their friends as well as knuckling back down into their learning.


We have had a big focus on punctuation in our writing and it has been great to see students using a variety of punctuation to express character’s emotions and feelings. In Numeracy we have been working on our Number Fluency tasks to help students develop their mental strategies to help them solve sums.


Hands down the most favourite activity was working on our letter formation using shaving cream on the tables. All the students loved the feel of the cream on the table, although some were a little nervous in case Mrs Oliver walked in and seen the mess we created. It was fantastic to see all the students smiling and enjoying their time at school.


Comments from 1/2W students.