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NEW - Yr. 5/6 Recycled Clothing Reminder

NEW - Grandparents Mass & Morning Tea

Do you know who Jesus' grandparents were? Like many of our grandparents they would have looked after him, spoilt him and taught him daily routines.

Like our grandparents, St Anne and St Joachim, are role models for us, 


We celebrate 'World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly' on July 23rd, 2023.

We would like to invite Grandparents, special friends and parents to our Grandparents Mass on Friday 28th July, 2023, at 9:15am in our parish church.

This will be followed by open classrooms for grandparents to visit.

A morning tea will be served for adults only commencing at 11:00am in the Mercy Centre.


With love

The children of Sacred Heart School

NEW - Books To Life Incursion

Sacred Heart School is excited to be having CBCA Book Week Notable Jorn's Magnificent Imagination performed live by 'Books to Life!'. Students have been reading the book and learning about architect Jorn Utzon's amazing imagination in Library classes. The performance will be on Monday 24th July and we can hardly wait!

NEW - Bloke's Breakfast & School Athletics Day

Our Bloke's Breakfast and Athletics Day will be held this year on Friday September 1st, 2023. The Bloke's Breakfast will commence from 7:30am in the quadrangle. All Dads, Grandfathers and Father Figures are welcome to attend and have breakfast with the kids. Bacon and egg sandwiches and orange juice are on the menu. The cost will be $10 per family. Students attending by themselves on the day can still purchase breakfast at a cost of $5 for an egg & bacon sandwich. Cash payment to be made on the day.


The Athletics is a whole school event from 9:05am to 3:00pm on the school oval.


In order to run both events safely we require a number of volunteers to help out on the day and we would greatly appreciate your support. Please complete the survey in available in PAM.

NEW - Book Club

Look out for Book Club Issue 5, pamphlets have been sent home this week. 

The preferred option for orders is online, through Scholastics LOOP ordering system. 

Visit  -

Orders are due online or to the office by next Tuesday July 25. 

If completing an order on paper please ensure your child's name and class is written clearly and payment included as cash or cheque made out to Scholastic Book Club.

NEW - Improving Reading Achievement Through the Use of Classroom Libraries

Classroom libraries are integral to successful teaching and learning. Extensive research has shown that students who have immediate and ongoing access to engaging books in their classrooms exhibit higher reading achievement, better comprehension and an increased vocabulary. When students are provided with well-designed classroom libraries, they interact more with books, spend more time reading and exhibit more positive attitudes toward reading.

The Role and Importance of the Classroom Library

A classroom library serves as the backbone of the classroom’s daily learning activities. An effectively designed classroom library:

  • Creates a Reading Environment:  Making time and space for a classroom library creates a reading environment. Children will be encouraged to read more if they have daily access to meaningful and personally interesting books.
  • Supports Reading Instruction:  Classroom libraries provide a collection of reading materials at different reading levels. Books ranging from easy to challenging are included to meet the varied abilities of students. Teachers can match the reading levels of their students with the levels of the books in their classroom library.  Books are read with success, thus allowing students to grow as readers.
  • Enriches the Curriculum:  Having a wide range of books in the classroom encourages teachers to incorporate diverse fiction and nonfiction books into their teaching. Teachers can also introduce students to a wide range of book genres, authors, and topics.
  • Reinforces Language Acquisition:  Classroom libraries provide a vast resource for diverse activities that reinforce language acquisition. While the best predictor of reading success is the amount of time spent reading, reading achievement is also influenced by the frequency, amount, and diversity of reading activities.
  • Encourages Independent Reading:  Having books readily available in the classroom supports independent reading, personal exploration, project research, and individual assessment.  Successful reading programs incorporate Independent Reading time, which provide students with daily time to read self-selected books that meet their personal reading interests.
  • Increases Vocabulary:  By reading a variety of texts, students’ vocabulary increases, which improves reading comprehension and language arts skills.
  • Allows Students to Interact with Books:  A classroom library functions as a gathering place for students to meet and talk about their reactions to books with peers and teachers. These exchanges encourage comprehension and critical thinking.

NEW - Sacred Heart Feast Day Mass & Activities


On Friday June 16th we celebrated the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This is our school's Feast Day, we also know it as Founders Day. We are a Mercy school, the Mercy Sisters established our school many years ago. Sister Pam Barlow and Sister Eileen Riordan attended our Mass and shared their story as Mercy Sisters. We visited the convent where Sister Eileen used to live. We also had Marlie Kelly come to talk and share with us the work of Vinnies.


Eliza A. Year 6


On Sacred Heart Feast Day, our whole school participated in fun sports activities: egg and spoon race, wheelbarrow race, the parachute, quoits, sack race and three legged race. Children were in their house groups so there were students from Foundation to Year 6. It was marvellous to see people helping and encouraging others, especially those who were not keen to do certain activities. Everyone had fun and it was good to try different activities and being with our brothers or sisters. Even the people who are not super interested in sport still had a go showing the PBIS value of resilience.


The Year 6 Sports Leadership Team - Seb, Ella, Char, Nate and Annaliese.


At Sacred Heart we value the support of volunteers. Over your child/ren’s journey through Primary School there are many opportunities to volunteer and support your child and the school. Please visit the volunteer page on the school website for further information.

NCCD Fact Sheet for Parents, Guardians and Carers

Lunch Orders

Tatura Hot Bread Bakery will be providing the School lunch orders for two days a week. Lunch orders will be available Thursdays and Fridays. Please find below the 2023 price list.

A reminder orders are to be done through the School, not to be dropped off at the Bakery.

Second Hand Uniform Sales

Sacred Heart will now only be accepting second hand uniform items as a donation to the school. If families wish to sell items we request that this is done privately. Please see below the current uniform stock available for purchase. If you wish to have a browse of the uniforms or make a purchase, please see Sally in the school office on Tuesday or Wednesday.



School Bag$10.00
Pants (slacks & sports)$5.00
Polo Shirt (short sleeve)$2.00
Polo Shirt (long sleeve)$2.00
Shorts (sports & non-sports)$2.00
Skirt & Skort$2.00