Field Room

Welcome Field Families .  I am sure we can all agree that this has been a whirlwind of a term, but the children have had a blast none the less.

Through these uncertain times we are always here to support you. Ellis and I are here for the children and endeavour to do the best we can to provide a safe and positive environment, and to make things as normal as possible for them.f you have any feedback or input regarding anything to do with the kindergarten program, we would love to hear it and are always open to  communication with you all.


Also, a special mention to Owen’s mum (Stacey) for coming and being a part of the program by teaching the children about St Patrick’s Day and some traditional Irish dancing. If any other families would like to incorporate some of their interest with the children, please reach out to Ellis or I. We really encourage this obviously when it is safe to do so with everything going on.


3 months ago, the children started their first day in the kindergarten room. This is a time of change and uncertainty. Having an established routine supports and provides the children with:

  • A sense of certainty and security
  • Predictability
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Creating expectations
  • Independence
  • Security and control

Having a routine within the room has been super



For most of the children this year, it was an exciting time to be able to leave our kindergarten room, and venture out to the park next door. Being able to leave the Field room was a first for most of the children. However, they were quick to pick up the importance of sticking together and holding hands with our partners to ensure we get to the park safely. The kindergarten teachers were so proud of the children and how well they participated. We look forward to incorporating this more when it is safe to do so.


Group Times 

Focus - Being kind and friendly

           - Germs

Being Kind and friendly:

This has been a massive focus throughout the kindergarten program. Children have the right to feel safe and secure in their environment and we are big advocates to teaching children all about being kind and friendly to others. We have explored this in a range of ways including:

  • Kindergarten rules and expectations through visuals
  • The things I love about my friends – Trace Moroney (Book)
  • Parent input
  • Turn taking
  • I can be a super friend – Lisa Grant & Rochelle Lentini (Social story)


Well what a topic this has been with everything going on in the world at the moment. It was no shock to Elis and I that it was something we needed to focus on in a child friendly manner. In the most positive way we could, we taught the children about germs through visuals, hands on experiences and songs. The children were really curious around this topic and showed a real sense of pride when they used good hygiene practices in the kindergarten room. 


Diversity and Families

Exploring our individual similarities and differences is an important topic to discuss with the children to enable them to feel a sense of belonging.

We interconnected the topic of being kind and friendly with diversity and families to strengthen children’s interest and learning.

This was explored through:

  • We are all equal - P. Crumble and Jonathan Bentley (Book)
  • Elmer the Elephant (YouTube clip)
  • Why I love my family – Trace Moroney (Book)
  • Exploring different family structures through visuals
  • Discussions
  • Whoever you are -Mem Fox (Book)
  • Looking at differences and similarities amongst everyone in the kindergarten room
  • ‘I’m Australian Too – Mem Fox (Book)
  • Hello to all the children of the world (Song)