Front of House

Welcome to HAVEN

Dear Families and Friends of  Haven,

How much are we loving or new brand? It is a natural brand that sums up our education and care environment.


I am sorry we have been so quiet with communication. It has been such a trying period as things are constantly changing. With the release of the government free childcare package, we have had to make some changes around the Centre.  As our service is currently not allowed to charge fees (the government has made it illegal), we are faced with no income coming in.  As you can imagine, we are still needing to ensure we have everything in place to run the service, but nothing coming in to pay for these important items.   This has meant that Evolve Early Education has taken a new age approach allowing us to continue to maintain our ongoing support to you, our community. We are so blessed and happy to have a professional and invested company help support Haven Early Learning through this awful period.


I thought it would be essential to advise that educators that work in a full-time and management capacity will be working a 4-day week.  Both Sarah and I will rotate taking a day off each week (Monday or a Friday) to help support the company and ensure we are doing what we are asking of our full-time educators.  So unfortunately, you may be used to seeing a certain person on days your child attends, this may change.  But please note that we will ensure continuity of care is a priority and there will always be an educator available, who knows your child. I am also wanting to highlight that our support office and management team have also reduced days of work in support of our team.


So, I think it’s important to highlight how grateful we are to have those of you attending and to those who have opted to postpone and not cancel your enrolments. From me and my team we thank you. And what we want during this period of hard times, if for you to reach out if you need anything. We appreciate your support and ongoing praise for our role in this pandemic, but to be honest with you, having children around us, gives us a sense of calm and I guess purpose. For each child to be able to continue their routines without letting these crazy times affect them, is of the upmost importance to each of us.


Please be mindful, that we are working through change.  While we are trying hard to commit to the normal standards of communication delivery,  some days are going to be easier than others.  We are getting used to not seeing each other daily, and our routines have changed, our hours  and weeks are shorter.  While we are trying to ensure community posts are created daily, depending on staffing arrangements this may vary.  


If you are looking for more of a handover at the end of each day, please give the centre a call.  We can transfer through to our classrooms, where one of your children's educators will be available to talk.  


I think its important to know that your children are in amazing hands here.  While you are not gaining access to see our classroom environments, i can't speak highly enough of what my team are doing behind closed doors.  We are discussing weekly, ways of making this all easier on everyone, so please bare with us.


Next Friday we will be holding our monthly Educational Leads meeting and discussing how we can involve you more.  Even if it is video footage of artwork on walls, mat times, intentional teaching plans etc.  We are obviously looking to ensure, we are focusing on quality areas and standards, and how we can continue to raise these.


We look forward to what term two will bring. 

Take care of each other and stay safe.