Student Awards 

Student of the Week - 12/06/2020

Prep/1A - Brody - For excelling in skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s. You worked wonderfully on your tasks and enthusiastically accepted further work to challenge yourself. 

Prep/1J - Lexie - For an excellent effort at school this week, and for showing confidence during guided reading. Congratulations on your efforts Lexie! 

1/2R - Elijah - For a fantastic effort on his M100W spelling test. An amazing result for a Year 1 student - 95 out of 100. Well done Elijah! 

2/3C - Levi - For the huge amount of effort you put into your mini fooze-ball table. 

3/4S - Keyon and Jaxson S. - For a brilliant return to the classroom. It's great to see your responsible attitudes - you are both becoming very good role models. 

5/6H - Summer - For joining in class discussions and trying her best when completing her maths tasks.  

5/6S - Shaye - For settling back into our class routine smoothly. You also very successfully completed and submitted a wide range of school tasks over the last 8 weeks of remote learning. You consistently produce excellent pieces of work in all subject areas. A fantastic effort! 

Science - Jordan C. - For his great work on the Topic of Aeronautical Engineering, where he produced the straightest and most accurate paper plane.



Student of the Week - 19/06/2020

Prep/1A - Taylor - For your excellent cutting and pasting this week. You worked well independently on your 'F' worksheet. Well done Taylor! 

Prep/1J - Samuel - For an excellent effort at school this week, and for showing confidence during writing activities. Congratulations on your efforts Samuel! 

1/2R - Ayla - For her great work in Reader's Workshop this week. Ayla wrote an interesting and accurate retell of The Very Itchy Bear. Her handwriting and spelling were also very impressive. Keep up the wonderful work Ayla. 

2/3C - Blake - For putting a lot of effort into his work, and working independently. 

3/4S - Angus P. - For wonderful work in all areas, and for completing a range of online assessments with great gusto! 

3/4W - Anna - Anna your reading stamina has shown significant improvement. Well done on checking that you understand what you are reading. 

5/6H - Cooper Th. - For transforming your three dimensional shape into a miniature diorama of a scene from Ned Kelly's life. This was truly a creative masterpiece! Very impressive work Thorny! 

5/6S - Jordan - For successfully completing a range of individual tasks and working cooperatively during group activities. You have also quickly settled into the 5/6S routine at N.P.S.

Science - Anna and Ella C. - For outstanding work for the topic of Aeronautical Engineering and for assisting others in the class who were having difficulty with the model making task.

Music - Jade H. - For a great job in Music. You always use your time wisely when working on your ukulele skills. Well done Jade. 

Art - Grace - For an excellent 'sunset over water' picture. I love the way that you used and blended colours. Your brushstrokes make your work stand out. Well done Grace. 

Values - Riley C. - For outstanding work and commitment on the Seesaw App for the past two weeks. Riley has shown great independent skills to work productively on a variety of tasks. Great work Riley.