Year 8 Science - Body Systems activity

Year 8 students in 8B and 8H have started off the return to school with a small group activity using butchers paper to draw out either a respiratory, circulatory or digestive system. The task was to draw a body outline, draw on the parts of the system chosen using their textbooks as a guide, label the parts, and write a brief description of their functions. Students are then being assigned a disorder that affects their body system and asked to draw and annotate the affect of that disorder on their body system drawing.



2020 STEAM Student Experiences

Across the year many extracurricular events and experiences are promoted to students wanting to expand their understanding of Science.  The following experiences may be of interest to students. Please see Ms Pieropan in the Science Office for more information.

ConocoPhillips Science Experience  - range of dates (Y9+10)

Youth ANZAAS Camp - applications open in March  (Y10-12)