Sport Committee 

Welcome back everyone! Where else to start but by having you all hear a little message from your Thornbury High Sport Committee. 


For starters, myself Harry Ashbrooke, your 2020 Sports Captain and other members of the sport committee (Raymond Nguyen, Olivia Tsakiridis, Victoria Sakelaridis, Andrew Alexiou, Claudia Tsipiras, Kaitlin Pike, Madeline Doudney, Rikki-Maree Tsitsivos, Deion Nikolaidis, Evan Tsakarelas and Aleysha Malliaras)  hope that over the course of remote learning each and every one of you was able to find some sort of routine that helped you all to not only keep getting better and better in your studies, but made sure that accompanying all your hard work, you were able to spend time with your family and loved ones (within the limits, of course). 

Just as important, is making sure you stay active! 


I know that being back, aside from getting out of bed much earlier than desired, you’re all happy to be amongst your friends but we must work together to ensure we keep our distances! Trust me, I know it sucks.. But the better we follow the rules, the sooner things will be back to normal, we as the Sport Committee, promise you this.


However, this doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun and games now that we’re back. Over this period of remote learning, efforts have gone into planning how the Sport Committee can get everyone back up and running.. literally. The athletics carnival is far from over just yet and we hope to run more events outdoors that will help you get to know one another, especially all you year 7’s. During remote learning, the year 7’s were asked to submit videos of themselves juggling. We can assure you, we were quite impressed with the quality of some of the videos. Both your hand eye coordination and creative genius were on display and we are very happy with your efforts. 


Finally, whilst staying active is very important, so is ensuring that you all work to keep the school clean! Whether it be doing your best to eat non-packaged food, always be sure to clean up after yourself and remind others to do just the same! Cleaning and sweeping keeps the school gleaming, try your best to remember that. As the months progress, the Sport Committee will actively push to ensure we keep the school clean throughout this year, and many more to come.


As always, stay safe, stay active, stay together... But not too close.

Your Sport committee