Arts Committee

The 2020 Arts Committee is filled with passionate and diverse students who celebrate visual and performing arts collectively. The Arts Committee comprises the brilliant Sarah Arquiza, Monica Charan, Alexander Conroy, Freya Elliot, Ruby Elliot, Miu Fuji, Alexander Perry, and Lucas Shields. One of the Arts Committee's most significant goals is to unite these two sectors of art together in a collaborative and creative way! 




During remote learning, and currently ongoing, the Arts Committee has organized the 'Crunchem Hall' logo competition with the winning design being featured on all of the actor's costumes in the 2020 production of 'Matilda'. Another project the committee is working on is promoting the Thornbury High School student-led 'Our Rubbish, Our Responsibility' campaign, creating the promotional media which can be seen around the school.



The Arts Committee aims to provide plenty of opportunities for the Thornbury High School community to engage with the arts; we are planning more contests and activities for students to be a part of in 2020!


Catherine Hamilton

Arts Captain