Academic Committee

As the Academic Captain I have recruited a team of driven young women who make up the Academic Committee: including Tess Marjanovic, Mia Armstrong, Freya Elliot, Ella Hunt and Amal Abudlrahman. We are also supported by the amazing Bec Perkin and Elizabeth Campbell. 


After the application process of Term 1, we were only able to hold one meeting before remote learning was implemented. We were determined to make a start, and decided to begin weekly virtual video meetings. I am so proud of the efforts my team has put in, as were we able to plan, organise and complete multiple projects during this period. This includes collaborating with the Year 10 Peer Support team to create welcome back videos for each year seven form group. This provided well being and study tips to the year sevens, and helped reconnect their developing friendships with their Peer Supporters. We also organised a Year 12 effective study video, which has collated study tips from the year twelves. It’s targeted toward the year tens though will also be shared around the school in the coming weeks.


Now, back at school together, we hope to make our presence as a committee heard amongst the school. During our most recent meeting we brainstormed ways to achieve this including utilising fortnightly meeting updates in the bulletin, providing more frequent updates in the newsletters, and collaborating with other committees to create summary/update videos that can be displayed around the school. If any students are interested in joining and working with a team of proactive students and teachers, please email me.


Tara Mevissen

Academic Captain