Message from our School Board

Board Communication – 

          October Newsletter 2020 

Welcome back to Term four of our school year. It’s been such a roller coaster of a year and it’s hard to believe we have reached the final term of the school year. 


I’m sure all members of our school community are excited to be back to face to face teaching and learning and although our community interaction may look different in the current environment our vision remains the same to continue to work together. Now more than ever as our children and teachers return to what will be the ‘new normal’ working together will be a key focus for the remainder of the year. 


Although it’s been a difficult school year, The School Advisory Board has continued to meet regularly and progress where possible with key initiatives. A key focus has been supporting our school in taking the necessary steps to apply for an infrastructure grant that will enable a refurbishment of our administration building and beyond. There are a number of steps in this process and The School Advisory Board and Executive Teams have been working closely with Catholic Education Melbourne to begin this process. This week, The School Advisory Board has undergone an interview process with two architecture firms who we believe will support our schools’ vision in this project. An announcement of the successful firm will be communicated shortly with more information regarding the project in due course.


2020 AGM 


Due to our recent circumstances, we have obtained advice regarding our 2020 Annual General Meeting which was due to occur in November 2020. Our AGM will be postponed until 2021. More information to follow shortly. 


Vanessa Rendina