Message from our School Captains & Vice-Captains

Hello our wonderful St Joseph the Worker community!


This year has been tough due to the pandemic, which meant all students in our school, and in other schools around the world, missed out on lots of fun things planned by their teachers for the year. So we are all very glad to share our reflections with you about our return to school. Happy reading!



From school to remote learning and now we are finally back! Now all I can say is that it feels good to be back at school as I have missed being around my friends and classmates and the school environment/community. It also makes me feel good to hear everyone's voices in real life instead of over a laptop. However this wouldn't be possible without all the wonderful staff, who have not only helped ease this transition back to school, but provided the learning for the students during remote learning. It is great to see all your smiling faces again, around our school. Also I don't have to continue making my brother lunches anymore and that is a pretty big win!



 After weeks of online learning we are back and better than ever. It feels amazing to be back. I can finally feel like a grade 6 student again, not only that, but it feels real and normal. I get to see all the students and teachers faces. I get to talk to them face to face rather than on a screen. The return to school has been fun, especially seeing everyone. This has also made me gain a lot of motivation for working independently .It felt amazing to see everyone's faces light up once they saw their friends and teachers after 6 months of homeschooling. It's wonderful to see all your faces again.



After months of working with my brothers and family at home, I was excited and nervous to return back to school because it has been so long since term 1. I’m glad to see my friends face to face and play with them. It feels good to be back learning together in the classroom as some students found remote learning hard. I too found remote learning a little challenging. However, by the end of remote learning, I think we have learnt many new skills that we will be using for many years to come. I would like to thank the teachers and especially our parents for their role in assisting to teach us this year. Whilst I will miss my home cooked hot lunches, I am still glad and grateful to be back at school again.


-Sam P

This year has been a very different year in many different ways. However, we have adapted, persisted and overcome many obstacles. We have been through lockdown and remote learning and everyone tried their best and adapted to new experiences that no one has been through before. Now that we are back at school it feels good to finally have face to face learning and to interact with our friends, not on a screen. We couldn’t have done any of this without the teachers and staff at St. Joseph the Worker helping and supporting us through remote learning. So I thank all of the teachers and the staff at school for making learning from home as exciting as possible and for giving us a smooth transition back to school.