P - 2 News

Welcome to the Prep- 2 Sub school


What a great start to 2020 we have had! The P-2 teaching team have really enjoyed spending the last six weeks getting to know our students and to meet all of our families. Thank you to the many families who came along to our Family Community Night, it was great to see so many of our Prep – 2 families on the night. 

Prep Parent Teacher Conferences


On Friday the 13th of March we will be holding our Prep Parent Teacher Conferences. This is an opportunity for teachers to sit down for a brief chat about how your child is settling into school and to develop a plan for further supporting them during their first year of school. You will have the opportunity to book a 10 minute time slot with your child’s teacher through the COMPASS portal. If you are having difficulty logging on to COMPASS please see one of our admin staff at the main office who will be able to support you. If you are unable to meet your child’s teacher at this time, please contact them and they will arrange to give you a phone call at a time that suits you both. This day is a pupil free day for our Prep students. 

Prep reading bags


All Prep students require a blue reading bag which they will carry through the P-2 sub school with them. This bag will come home each night with reading materials, their reading log/diary and any further activities or information. You can now purchase your child’s reading bag through COMPASS. 

Year 1/2 Passion Hour


We are very excited to be starting passion hour next week with our 1/2 students. Passion hour is an opportunity for students to learn a skill in an area of interest to them. It is also an opportunity for students to work with different teachers and students across the 1/2 area, in highly engaging experiences. Some of the passion hour interest areas include engineering and construction: singing and choir; science; coding and gaming; arts and crafts; sport; calisthenics; mindfulness; gardening; costume and fashion design; and photography. We look forward to sharing the learning from this program at our Passion Fair in Term 2. 

P-2 Reminders



Just a friendly reminder that hats are required for outside play and outside learning during term 1 and 4. Please ensure you provide a hat labelled with your child’s name and homeroom each day. 


Art smocks


At Point Cook College all students from Prep to Year 6 require an art smock or old shirt to wear over their uniform during messy activities. All Prep to 6 students need to have an art smock or old shirt organised by their family. Thank you to the families who have already organised this for their children. 

Please note the following information when organising your child's art smock:


  • Smocks can be purchased from shops such as Kmart, Aldi, Target, Best and Less, etc.
  • Smocks can be an old adult size shirt or t-shirt with sleeves
  • An Art Smock needs to be a larger size than your child usually wears, so that it fits comfortably over their uniform
  • Plastic smocks don’t let anything through however unfortunately they do tear and break very easily and are very hot to wear
  • Aprons are not acceptable, as they leave the children’s sleeves and backs exposed
  • The best smocks cover your children to the knees
  • Please label your child’s smock clearly with their name

User agreements


ICT User agreement forms have been sent to families several times this year however we are still waiting on some forms to be returned. Teachers use ICT tools as a valuable part of their teaching and learning programs and require permission to provide these tools for your children. If you have not signed your child’s ICT user agreement for this term, could you please do so as soon as possible. This form can be located through the COMPASS portal. If you have any questions regarding the use of ICT as a learning tool in your child’s homeroom, please contact their homeroom teacher directly.